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February 19, 2015

A day, I thought I was going to die.  I was airlifted from my  home to the closest regional hospital that had a cardiac unit.  The EMS Crew thought I was having  a heart attack.  I was not.  The Doctors ruled out a heart attack but do not know what caused the medical incident.  This was my HEALTH WAKE UP CALL.  Below are the areas in my life that needed attention on my path to wellness.  the book is the story on how I conquered Diabetes and became healthy.

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After getting out of the hospital, John underwent a period of very deep reflection.  He made the decision to let his helicopter ride be a HEALTH WAKE UP CALL and take care of his future health.  John started by doing a great deal of research on the internet.  He worked to develop a plan to beat Diabetes. John found that in his personal quest for wellness there were twelve distinct areas in his life that needed his attention the 12 different areas that needed to be addressed to insure his quality of life as he grows old.  The research provided so much material there will be an additional twelve books (one for each category.  It was also determined by the author that just a book was insufficient motivation to make changes.  There will also be a workbook to provide additional help in combating Diabetes with a 10 step protocol.



The Foundation of your Wellness

How Physical Activity affects Your Wellness

  • For the author the spiritual is the foundation for all wellness
  • It is what creates purpose in our life
  • Creates a set of core values for your life
  • Being grounded in a strong faith will get you through tough times
  • Source for unlimited joy in your life
  • Tentative publication for above title June 2016 
  • Physical wellness is a very important area in your total wellbeing
  • Paying attention to signs of illness and getting help
  • Physical activity that strengthens your body and helps the spirit
  • Getting enough sleep and rest so the body can repair & heal itself
  • Does not have to be expensive.  30 minutes of walking a day
  • Tentative publication date November  2016



The Social Path to Wellness

How Creativity Affects your Wellness

  • Social wellness keeps you well by developing  a support network
  • It also allows you to develop intimate relationships
  • Builds healthy relationships with others
  • Creates connections with those around you
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Tentative Publication date March 2017  

  • Creativity wards off depression and a path back to wellness
  • It is a way of assisting therapy if needed or eliminating it
  • It creates a pathway to communications
  • It can develop into a profitable hobby
  • It is a path to exploring your feelings
  • Tentative publication date August 2017 



How Smart am I

How Your Mental Attitude Affects your Wellness

  • It is important to be active mentally on your path to wellness
  • If you "don't use it you lose it"
  • Improving your skills by studying and learning
  • Reading is a good way to stay sharp mentally
  • Play games, learn/play a musical instrument, journal  stay sharp
  • Tentative publication date January 2018
  • Your mental health is vital to your wellness
  • Allow you to reach your full potential
  • Allow you to cope with stress
  • Make time for you and family
  • Identify and deal with moods
  • Tentative publication date November 2018



What Should I do About Education

How Much do I Like my Profession

  • For most delay after graduation until Know what you want to do
  • Armed Forces is very viable option before you know what doing
  • Attend Community College or trade school
  • Four-year College plus graduate school
  • Go into business or become an apprentice
  • Tentative publication date April 2018
  • Find something you love to do and it won't be work
  • Being in the wrong occupation will affect your wellness big time
  • Wrong occupation choice will place unlimited stress on your life
  • Don't wait to change if you are not happy with your choice
  • Don't take your family and friends for granted
  • Tentative publication date September 2018



Why Living with in my Means Improves my Wellness

Does your Environment Help or Hinder your Wellness

  • Your finances have a very definite impact on your total wellness
  • Death and disability coverage is essential to wholeness
  • You must budget in order to be whole
  • Financial stress will wreck havoc with relationships and health
  • You must set  aside for emergencies, education kids,  retirement
  • Tentative publication date November 2018
  • Recycle to keep environment clean
  • Turn off water, lights and vehicles when not in use
  • Test water and air to  insure  your wellness at home & work
  • Enjoy, appreciate  and spend time outside in natural settings
  • Keep neighborhood safe and beautiful
  • Tentative publishing date April 2019



  • The Good -- Loving caring family where time together is priority
  • The family that plays together stays together
  • The Bad -- Frequently job more important than family
  • The participants all doing own thing
  • The Ugly -- abuse in any form
  • Tentative publication date September 2019

How Your Health Affects Your Wellness

YourFamily the Good, Bad Or Ugly

  • Diet is extremely important to your overall wellness
  • Extremely important to have weight under control.
  • Strengthens the family
  • True health and wellness are a state of mind and a lifestyle
  • Appreciation and awareness of your feelings and emotions
  • Tentative publication date May 2019