When you order HEALTH WAKE UP CALL
Your Instruction Manual on Kicking Diabetes Butt

  1. Bonus 1 -- Health History Sheet
    Helps to keep track of progress allowing you to reach your goals on your quest for wellness a $1.95 value
    PDF form that allows a person to record blood sugar readings, pulse, blood pressure, weight, medication and food log on a daily basis on a weekly sheet for keeping track of your progress in kicking diabetes butt.
  2. Bonus 2 -- PDF Goal Setting the Key to Success
    Unless you have realistic goals you will be like a ship without a rudder. This PDF gold paper makes realistic goals possible. A $5.95 value
    The key to success in any endeavor is to have goals that you can reach. Learn how to set goals that guarantee success. Includes the necessary worksheets to make sure you have attainable goals.
  3. Bonus #3 -- Electronic health history that records daily health information
    The ultimate tracking form to help you reach your goal of kicking diabetes butt a $19.95 Value. You must have spreadsheet software that will accept Excel.
    The ultimate in tracking your progress toward kicking diabetes butt. It has fields that track blood sugar, blood pressure and pulse along with physical activity and food log. It will automatically compute the variance from the day before for blood sugar, pulse, blood pressure, weight, and your miles per hour walking
  4. Bonus #4 -- Workbook
    Your own private workbook in PDF format to assist you in Kicking Diabetes Butt. A $7.95 value
    A workbook that supplements and expands on information in the book. There are 12 sections in the workbook, one for each of the sections found needed work in his path to wellness. At the end of each section are 12 reflective sections to start you on your path to wellness.
  5. Bonus #5 -- Wellness Calculator
    The easy way to determine which area in your life that needs to be worked on in order to walk toward wellness. A $39.95 value. Available fall 2016)
    If you are like the author and don't know where to start on your path to wellness, this calculator will be your best friend. You take the 12 questions at the end of each section and take a survey. The Wellness Calculator will then create a visual that will tell you the areas that need the most work.