Health Wake Up Call, a second chance at life
John Wright

John thought he was going to die.

The most frightening experience in John’s life occurred until he was enroute in a Flight for Life Helicopter to Lake Cumberland Regional Medical Center to be treated for a heart attack and the peace of God came over him as the prayers of God’s people began to ask for intervention on his behalf.  This was the diagnosis of the EMS first responders.  Fortunately, John was not having a heart attack and got a second chance at life.  Will you be as fortunate?
            This experience occurred on a cold snowy day of February 19, 2015.  It was as if someone was suffocating or drowning him.  He was completely resigned to his death.  This was because of his strong faith in God.  The book is about the near death experience and his route to near perfect health.  It was during the night in the hospital that John realized there was a lot in his life that needed changing. 
Before he left the hospital after a night’s stay for observation he promised himself that he would do whatever was necessary to fight, claw and pull himself back to perfect health.  This is that path from a near death experience to near perfect health in just a little over a year.  He has done this by spending a considerable time in prayer and reflection. Extensive researches on the internet into wellness lead to better health.  He also modified his diet, became quite active physically active including working at Amazon.Com as a picker during Christmas Peak 2015.   He walked up to 20 miles per night in this job.  John also eliminated a potentially harmful drug that was not doing a very good job regulating his blood sugar.  He replaced multiple drugs with natural supplements without the bad side effects the drugs have.
John has developed a 10 step protocol to eliminate diabetes and the harmful results that will lead the average diabetic to a life span of 10 years less than those that do not suffer from this debilitating disease that affects millions of people each year.  Do yourself and your family a favor and eliminate diabetes in your lives.  John is the living proof that diabetes does not have to be a lifelong sentence that you just have to live with.  It is done without going on any starvation diets, buying expensive gym memberships or draconian lifestyle changes.  Just 10 little steps.
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  1. Faith in a healing God
  2. A Belief that you can
  3. Exercise
  4. Diet without feeling hungry all the time
  5. Eliminate medications with bad side effects
  6. Create strong support group
  7. Research on Internet
  8. Determination to succeed
  9. Daily prayer and meditation
  10. Work at during peak
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